Saturday, March 11, 2006

First I should introduce myself which might explain the reason for this blog. I am a 37 year old lawyer with 4 kids who lives in Texas ( Fort Worth and Dallas to be specific). Diplomacy is the nature of any trial lawyer's job but that does not prevent us from having a voice outside of the courtroom in the interest of all mankind. I truly believe that a sound, logical, intelligent voice is largely lost among us in today's politics. First of all, political positions by their nature don't pay enough. State representatives in Texas make approximately $7k a year when the House is in session plus about $100 a day per diem. This past session including all the special sessions to solve school financing which went unsolved took up about 8 months of the year. It is simply not possible to maintain a minimum standard of living while supporting a family and serving in the state house without being independently wealthy. This explains why so many of the laws are out of touch with the people of Texas and more aligned with special interest groups. We must first make the lawmaking positions available to everyone by paying a decent salary. Public ignorance and sublime content with the unknown has now led to one of the largest and proudest states of the United States with yet still an unfunded and unconstitutional public school system. Pat Carlson, former chairman of the Tarrant County (Ft.Worth) Republican party was quoted in the Fort Worth Star Telegram as saying that "education was not a priority of the conservative movement." To put a human face on this, I was shocked to find out that the honors classes at Tannahill Intermediate (5th & 6th grade) where my second son attends (and was in last year) no longer exists due to lack of funding. Our children are suffering while India and China leave us behind educationally as they take over the scientific innovations and developments which Americans use to be so world reknown for. This is not a Republican or Democratic problem, it stems from bad infrastructure and political apathy. We must pay our legislators a salary so that we can get some worth having ! Children rely on us for their education as well as protection. We must, must do something. Generation X which has always been and continues to be spoken for by baby boomers must (out of no disrespect) rise to the occasion despite our numbers. Everyone's future wellbeing depends on this.

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