Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Since I am always ranting or pontificating on some societal or political issue, from time to time I suppose it would be informative to examine the source. So here are a few hopefully informative insights. I truly believe that I get not guilty verdicts in part because I believe in the goodness of people. Good people do good things. Good people can see bullshit in a DWI case even when it looks like all the facts are against a person. I love to work hard. I hope to never retire and when I am too old for trial work I would love to work on appeals. I believe it is important to contribute. I want my clients to know that their time with me may be brief but I believe with every ounce of my being what I am doing and try to do my best. I am not always deemed right (when juries return guilty verdicts for example) but I am doing what I believe in and feel great about fighting for them. I don't believe in preaching (aka I am the last one to want to preach). I am not particularly religious. I believe that people should be good to other people and the more open minded we are the less mistakes we make in everything. I deal with serious alleged mistakes, and what I find is the more I learn about a person the more I understand what the right thing to do is. That's my best advice to prosecutors, look at citizens accused as people not just alleged facts and there will be higher the probability that you will do the right thing. Discretion is a hallowed hall of justice, alleged facts should not be looked at in a vacuum. All of us sometimes make mistakes, who we are, what we do, how we contribute should count for something. So many of my clients ask me if the fact that they have never been arrested counts for something. I truly hope in the future, we as a society get there on DWI because these prosecutorial office policies take the most important factor (the person) right out of the equation. As for me, I love fast cars, hip hop music, am a sports nut (season tix to the Mavs, Stars, Cowboys, & Flyers), recreational 4 wheelers (I own 7 but then again I have 4 kids who ride too !), can wakeboard, work out alot (for stress relief !), am a newsaholic (generally going to bed with at least 2 newspapers including the day's New York Times among other news magazines), enjoy reading historical and political books, can't cook worth a dime and am not domestic. I love to go out and have a good time and do that quite often actually (if you don't reward yourself no one else will). I enjoy vacationing to Cancun, New York City, New Orleans and the Florida Keys. My most important piece of jewelry that I own are my antique Gucci scales of justice cufflinks that I won 10 trials in a row with (and yes I take great pride in tracking my not guiltys with my cuff links) and I am planning on planting a tree with a bronze engraved plaque below each one inscribed with the case no and name of each client I got a not guilty for on my 14 acres and main homestead site when I finish building my modern home (I have to call it this because it is quite unusual.. not traditional). Just haven't decided on the type of tree but am leaning toward oak . I cherish those experiences so much and am looking forward to walking my grounds when I am old seeing all the trees all grown and mature remembering that I played a part of doing something great: defending what's most important to people -their reputation (and for even some saving their jobs in the process). I enjoy of course the greatest things in life which come free. For example this weekend, my 5 year old daughter Mimi said she liked the boy who rides her school bus: "Tommy" because "he looks good" and has a lot of money (he has lost 4 teeth and has been paid by the toothfairy compared to her one... no worries.. I believe in earning your own money not just marrying it which I will teach her.. not that I have anything against people who do that.. ) and my 7th grader told me as I rushed him out of the house to make a Mavericks game that I ruined his moment ... his first kiss (what did I know ? He was with her all day as his 6 hour birthday party was concluding. Never let your middle schooler choose the times for their party !! noon till six ?!) and suffered all weekend when he complained about it... Life is so precious, that is why I believe in the goodness of people and feel jail should only be handed out when really necessary (rapes, murders, assaults, etc.). Rehab when it comes to drug and alcohol issues particularly for felony DWIs is the smart priority. Most of my clients are not violent, hold good jobs, contribute and throwing them in jail accomplishes nothing. The justice system with such a low crime rate in the Netherlands is a prime example of attacking problems at the roots without costing society gazillions of dollars. Life is precious from judge, to prosecutor to juror to defense lawyer, when we value others and their right to good things then justice happens.

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