Monday, February 12, 2007

Texas and the USA in 100 years

"Justice resides in the heart of man" an old Chinese proverb. What does this really mean ? To foresee the future of our 300 year old country we must look towards the European countries. To foresee where expansive Texas counties and lands are headed we must look towards New York City. Europe has taught us that as societies age the well being of the most poverty stricken citizen dictate governmental policies.. France, Netherlands, Great Britain. What prinicpals do these centuries older countries guarantee to its citizens : adequate health care for all, food, clothing, and shelter in livable conditions for those who cannot afford it as a basic right; justice where the wellbeing of all men are valued above meaningless and senseless punishments. New Yorkers teach us that an acceptance and understanding of all cultures in necessary if we are to make good decisions. Where more people congregate and live on top of one another intellectual decisions take precedence over politically dominating forces. Eventually we shall learn to treat the disease of drug and alcohol addiction rather than create ruined lives of welfare and red deficit budgets as we create more jails and pay for more jail time than address the underlying problem. Elected judges in populaces like Texas where most of the voters don't even know who they are voting for will be replaced by merit based selections and retention elections where the size of one's accomplishments, integrity and intellect will determine who metes out justice as opposed to the size of one's pocketbook and uncanny timing for sensing vulnerabilities in political cycles of elections. Responsible governments will not tax social drinkers with the sin tax because that is where they can ferret out dollars due to the whimsical delights of faith based electorates who make ballot choices on weakminded thinking like sheep led to the slaughter in response to religious factions which claim and galvanize political strength. With reading, openmindedness and critical thinking pastoral politics will be replaced by sensical social necessities much like salem witch trials in our country were replaced by courts which demanded reason.. now we must go from courts of reason where reason often falters due to the political winds of the day to courts of intellect and it must start first with merit based systems of choosing judges who have exemplified the nobility of great intellect, patience of temperament and character and hard work. This past year alone I have had one judge throw a client in jail for being 10 minutes late due to two traffic accidents out of her control to spend a weekend in jail at a cost of a $400 bond fee, another client still in jail for over a week with writ of habeas corpus for mistakenly being behind $25 in pretrial bond condition payments with no other bond violations (still in jail after he paid $60 additional on top of arrears) and these are just a few recent examples which come to mind. In my opinion much like the storming of the bastille in France.. such tyrants of power will be dealt with in time as our system galvanizes to rid the possibilities of such abuses by selecting only those intellects who deserve such power on merit based and publicly accountable appointment/retention systems. A blight on one human being that is injust is an intolerable cruelty an enlightened society must strives o correct and prevent. I am here to help bring our state and nation to its inevitable heightened levels of justice and pursuit of happiness. . I am dedicated to voicing these needs even if I am 100 years ahead of my time. I guess my clients are right when they say I like to fight. It is in my nature that I try to fight for what is right. Good thing I am a lawyer. I take my job willingly and joyfully . Defense lawyers will be viewed as the only self restraint to a system of tyranny and will be heralded much like "tough on crime" prosecutors of today who too often miss the whole human element of the equation. Craig Watkins the newly elected district attorney of Dallas and first African American to be elected to the position in the history of Dallas got it right.. it's time to be smart on crime. Tough on crime without smarts reminds of the old fat class bully who eventually didn't have a pot to piss in. I'm tired of the hot air give me some damn substance.

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