Thursday, February 12, 2009

Economic Reality

Feb.11, 2009

As the old saying goes.. “It’s the economy stupid !”

Earlier this week at Obama’s Elkhart, Indiana townhall meeting, I was very captivated by his assertion that he did not dream taking office would result immediately in a mass spending bill. His look and voice was of genuine concern. What people need to realize is that Democrats are not “tax and spend.” This is the biggest spin job of my political lifetime that Republicans have mastered. Democrats (called Republicans in the early days versus Federalists) have always been about eliminating debt to foster a healthy economy while Republicans have said so and done the exact opposite. What Reagan spent on defense in the 1980s while giving so called “trickle down” tax cuts to the rich crippled our economy. Democrat Clinton almost managed to get rid of the debt only to have all his efforts undone by “fiscally conservative” Republicans like Bush who spent record amounts on a war that brought no economic benefit to the United States. (That’s what you get when you elect an unintellectual party fraternity boy to office). If we go back to history and see what works we can see that it was Democrat Thomas Jefferson in the famous 1800 election that campaigned on reducing debt. He did. His Treasury Secretary Albert Gallatin was masterful in this for 12 years under 3 Democratic Presidents. Our fledgling country’s economics started to strive and we became a player on the European scene. One of the greatest Democratic Presidents of our time Andrew Jackson completed wiped out the national debt which led us right into the manufacturing boom days. So when it comes to history and present politics, it has been the Democrats who have shown fortitude and leadership in sound economic principles. It’s just sad that Obama has had to take unavoidable drastic spending measures to fix the Republican quagmire. I was happy to see his distress over spending. I can tell he yearns to be an Andrew Jackson in the making. Let’s hope we get there next term. So I sure hope people stop taking their cues from spinmasters Karl Rove and Rush Limbaugh and get real facts. Republicans are the worst thing possible, as history has proven, to grow a healthy economy. Oh how I long for the great economic days of Clinton !

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