Monday, October 24, 2011

Mimi Coffey's 10/18 Republican Debate Analysis

Yes, I'm pretty liberal on social issues, often vote Democratic but believe in small government (less is more) and being fiscally conservative. Most people don't liven up to the Presidential politics till the year before but now is the time where wild cards succeed and there is unexpected entertainment. The Tuesday debate proved that early on candidates often shoot wild & loose in desperate attempts to fight to be forerunner. In the spirit of George Washington I am a believer in one party: the country. I care not for party acrimony, mud slinging and yellow journalism that seems to pervade our 2 party system. Although I may not agree or sometimes even like certain politicians I respect them all and am deeply grateful for their sacrifices and drive to make our country better. With that being said, my candid insight on the debate and the Republican candidates.

10/18 Mimi Coffey Republican Debate Analysis:

1. Bachman: right about not wise to create another tax (Herman Cain's 999 plan). The government will let it spiral out of control once started. Soft intro, focusing on "too cutesy" (pandering Las Vegas lines about 'what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas' versus touting solid credentials) or being bold (necessary for female politicians lest they look soft or bitchy). Very impressive background of being a tax attorney with expertise in IRS regs. Rigid beliefs on immigration demonstrating a narrow world view. Mandate English only ? Seriously ? Not openminded. Thinks by talking about women & moms on the housing crisis she somehow is a leader. Foreclosures affect dads & men too. Playing the gender card here not effective. Wrong on Iraq hated us because of Obama, they have been hating us since time immemorial due to deep rooted cultural and religious differences. Blaming Obama for conflict in the middle east on the Israel question ? Same deal, only it's not religious or cultural differences. The Palestinian problem has been Israel's thorn forever. Obama is simply not willing to be Israel's puppet as the rest of the world disapproves of Israel's actions on the Mideast stage. Definitely a debater opportunist, just short on substance. Great insight on Iraq being a threat however. She proves women can war as seriously as men just as history proved: Catherine the Great of Russia & Queen Elizabeth. May the chauvinists shut up.

2. Herman Cain: love the idea of a successful business man mavericking as President. Interesting new tax plan, however not a good idea to start even more taxes. In answering legitimate criticisms on his tax plan he constantly attempted to take refuge in the line "comparing apples with oranges", not applicable however as Romney asserted with his bushel example. Short on the ability to critically analyze policy. Experience may be his big weakness. Intelligence may however make this a moot issue.

3. Romney: speaks out of both sides of his mouth. States the Mass. health care plan is great for the state but not for the country. He can't say what he really wants as the Republicans gate health care reform and therefore no straight talk on the most critical issue affecting our country outside the economy. Great speech on how religion should not matter in choosing your leader. Presidential presence. Great restraint in holding back when he really wanted to punch Perry I'm sure. Like that he was extremely successful in the private sector. Dislike his Wall Street mindset. TARP & bailing out the banks and Wall Street while they profited off the money and it did not make it back to the public is robbery. We need leaders who will prosecute Wall Street not bail them out.

4. Santorum: great analysis of how public policy is run. Good grasp on how government works. Looks like a good policy man. The guy that gets things done in the boardroom. A doer. Married, practicing Catholic (demonstrating he likes social integration and mainstream values) with 7 kids proves that. Young. A true fiscal conservative who has reformed welfare. Impressive ... He is not a convenient party changer. He is very sincere about his beliefs. The real deal whether you like him or not.

5. Ron Paul: great mind. Lacks leadership and charisma. Great outside the box thinker. Brilliant but the question remains can he inspire people and lead rather than formulate ? "The empire is broke." Best line in the while debate. Bring our troops home from Korea, Japan & Germany for starters . Germany has great social services funding because we pay for their military. Great point. Time for basic bookkeeping before the US goes bust.

6. Newt Gingrich: moments of charm yet speaks out of both sides of his mouth. Romney called him on his support of the American Heritage Foundation & his former position supporting Romney's health care while he attempted to deny until impossible to deny. Newt spouting religion & emphasizing it more than education? Seriously, embarassing. Got to hand it to him for stamina. Surprised he's still hanging on after all these years. As Speaker of the House his " Contract with America" fizzled out. Great salesman though in the style of a preacher.

7. Rick Perry: knows what to focus on: JOBS. Will call a spade a spade and won't back down (his tete a tetes with Romney). Passionate about his beliefs. Does not speak from both sides of his mouth. Proven economic leader with Texas as the nation's economy eroded (40% of all new US jobs in Texas). Needs to better explain his position of rejecting TARP rebutting Santorum's claims. Off topic, I find the way he stands (like a cowboy with back bowed out) cute and tough. The real question the pundits haven't asked is: Is the country ready for yet another tough Texan ?

Worthy candidates: Perry, Paul & Santorum

Best candidate to lead : Paul if he surrounds himself with an effective cabinet that can lead and carry out his brilliance. Lincoln created a cabinet of the best (Team of Rivals). Unstoppable progress from the country if Paul elected and he creates a power 'Team of Rivals.'

Realistic best candidate : Perry, not a Jimmy Carter type braniac like Paul but a charismatic (like Bush but much smarter) leader that will command and demand respect on the world stage.

Bless them all for their big hearts and vision.

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Mr. Williams said...

You really need to blog more often. I referenced your billboard on 121 in an e-mail to a friend of mine and then checked out your website.
Your assessment of the candidates is interesting. I was under the impression that Cain's 9-9-9 was supposed to be in place of the current system. But, now it matters not since he is out for all practical purposes. Your premise is right though in that I don't want the government to have an additional revenue stream to pollute.