Saturday, February 08, 2014

TSA Abuse- Needed Attention

This video demonstrates the abuse of power that we as an advanced society must study and address. In 1971 Philip Zimbardo picked 24 Stanford University students & had them role play a simulated prisoner- guard experiment over six days. The results simulate what this TSA video so ashamedly shows the propensity for- psychological abuse.

It is inexcusable that all the way up the chain of command in this video the TSA employees were unfamiliar with the regulations that would have prevented unlawfully subjecting this woman to delay, aggravation, humiliation, fear & ultimately a missed flight (thereby financial repercussions).

In law, judges must throw out cases where the detention was a result of an unlawful stop (no reasonable suspicion of a crime or probable cause for the arrest) Here, TSA acts with impunity and no fear of repercussions.

We must pass laws that make TSA employees follow regulations and allow for interlocutory relief. Otherwise there is only different scaled forms of tyranny as demonstrated here where authority is questioned. It being subject only to the personality traits of the errant or out of line TSA employee. Power unchecked is abuse and a society that allows it is even more irresponsible.

Shameful this took place to a young mother who was only concerned about the health of her child. These employees should (just as citizens must answer to the law) be held accountable.

The heinous terroristic acts of 9/11 should not be allowed to metamorphosize into domestic terror by psuedo law enforcement against our own citizens.


c80b07aa-9118-11e3-b7c5-000bcdcb2996 said...

It got pretty bad here in Texas last year some state lawmakers were up in arms over repeated constituients complaints of the so-called 'pat downs' coming awfully close to 'simple assaults' and were calling for those who felt 'violated' to have those TSA officials who allegedly cross the line, file criminal charges with local authorities to the fact. If folks go to that extreme over so-called 'pat downs', something is wrong??!

Paul Bailey said...

Collin County District Attorney know about the Frisco Police Department Evidence Tampering?