Monday, March 13, 2006


Why is it that our current lawmakers want to lie to the public ? Drink. Drive. Go to Jail. !!???? Let's call it for what it is... any one with any common sense knows that you can't go to jail/prison for going to a restaurant/bar and having a few responsible drinks and then going home. Why are we scaring people ?? The penal code punishes irresponsibility not living life ! What would be so wrong with "Drink Responsibly. Driving intoxicated Puts Others at Risk and You in Jail !" I'm 37 so technically a generation past the "flower children" of the 60s but as I recall from history, those were wild and crazy times (where consuming a couple of beers didn't even get you an invitation to the party) and these same people (outgrown of their wily and liberal ways now cloaked in "compassionate conservatism") want to put everyone in jail for the mere act of consuming alcohol even if you are sober ?!? Politics aside, I think everyone of every age just wants common decency, honesty and consideration of others. I never dreamed that my job as a criminal defense lawyer would turn me into the poster child against the extremism of MADD just because I'm trying to interject much needed common sense against the hypocritical zealousy of flower children who never understood the concept of moderation to begin with.

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