Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Barack Obama Journal

For Jan. 20,2008
Had to work yesterday, trial settings and all so needless to say I missed seeing the inauguration live. After court, worked till 12:30 at night on a brief for a Motion on the Destruction of Evidence hearing I had on Jan,15. Set tling into bed past midnight I caught snippet reruns on his oath (How can Chief Justice Roberts mess up 35 words ?), the masses in Washington mall and live footage of about 3 inaugural balls he attended. I found myself smiling as he repeatedly told each ball that his wife did everything he did in heels and backwards. What a gracious man. Io feel full of hope and love. He and his wife are such sincere accomplished people who aret truly on a mission to bring out the best in mankind and our country. I have never felt so close to the Presidency before. I am so proud of America at this moment. I know the world feels full of hope too.

Jan. 21, 2008

Two things I have heard. Obama will close down Guantanaomo in a year (hooray, prisons that torture people should be closed down now the world will have respect for us again) and he put a pay freeze on his top employees due to the economic depression we are in. Wow, he moves fast. I think the country will want to figure out a way to make get around two term limits. He is moving like a freight train. It is so great to have a leader who moves fast on what is morally right. I saw of him walking into work at 8:30 this morning. I can just feel his sense of purpose and excitement in my heart. It is beautiful to have strong leaders who lead for the goodness of manking as opposed to glory. I predict a Presidency that will rank up there with the George Washington and Andrew Jackson. Obama is a man who will act on his innner beliefs of goodness to others. The world has never been poised on a more dynamic stage of hope. My words to Obama.. "Yes, you can !"

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