Friday, May 29, 2009

DWI morality

How would a cop feel if someone just took out $7,000.00 out of their paychecks (automatically deducted) just because they could and it was legal ? Highway robbery, theivery, call it what you will- BAD MORALITY. They would be pissed, suffer enormously and forever hold the burden of a bitter grudge against the entity that did it. Well, cops are doing this to nonnecessary DWI suspects. The average person in America will spend about $7k defending themselves (surcharges, fines, court costs, atty fees... this does not even account for a trial fee) because they too are being robbed. Most DWIs are people who are minding their own business, driving in nondangerous manners (speeding along with the traffic- not accidents or call ins), and cops take advantage of them because out on the side of the road they can't perform nonscientific field sobriety tests that most of the rest of the world refuses to use. Cops get pissed when the driver says they haven't drank. They get so personally offended (which is not appropriate, I'm sure I get lied to in my job but it does not affect how I do my job... I am a professional) that they make sure the driver gets arrested even if his performance on the circus tests is questionable. Now just because the cop can justify this on "probable cause" does not make it right or moral. True probable cause is reality and common sense, neither of which most cops employ on nonnecessary DWI arrests. CNN is airing a special on highway robbery by cops (and legal under the law but not right) of drivers in east Texas. They may have spurious bad laws that attempt to justify the money forfeitures of people driving through who get traffic tickets but bad laws don't make it right. Bad judgment, getting personally offended and bad investigation tools that are not scientific (non of which are including the HGN eye test as numerous court have now opined despite its continued use) don't make it right to rob a driver of at least a $7k fee and false DWI conviction (many people just give up or don't trust jurors to see the fallacy of these tests in this "tough on crime" at all costs era. I am angry. I hate hyprocrisy. I think cops and law enforcement including district attorneys offices should stop robbing people because they can in the name of this false MADD dwi hysteria (reality is only 1 out of every 100 dwi drivers arrested killed someone, twice as many people die from the flu every year yet you don't see doctors getting arrested for failed treatment, duh !). Just because you drive with alcohol on your breath does not mean you deserve a DWI. Cops, stop acting like the law (probable cause based on bad tools) makes it right when you know it doesn't. You guys are no different than theives or hypocritical Christians who screw people every day in business and life and go home at night and think that by praying they wipe their slate clean. Ugh. I work in a nasty profession, quite sickening to say the least for the most part (very few of my cases are genuine DWI deserving clients- maybe 30% at most). I have no respect for those with bad morale and I'm not talking about what people are free to do with their personal lives. World, fellow proud Americans... we must stop these wrongs.

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