Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year's Eve Advice

New Year's Eve, Know Your Rights !by Mimi Coffey
New Year's Eve is around the corner. Important news ! If you have been drinking and get pulled over remember your rights:

1. Pull over immediately. Provide dl and insurance.

2. Don't talk, don't answer questions. Politely tell the officer you will not be answering any questions.

3. If asked to step out of the car, step out.

4. Unless you are an athlete with perfect balance inform the officer you will not be performing tests (they are circus acts designed to take you to jail).

5. Refuse blood tests (as they ferment) and if you have had more than 1 beer refuse a breath test (as they are inaccurate).

6. Know that you are being videotaped at all times. Say nothing under any circumstance.

7. Unless receipts will help you, throw them away before getting in the car.

8. Keep a lock on your cell phone as cops will try to read your text messages. Save your texts and call logs particularly if this contributed to bad driving. (Better yet, don't text and drive !)

9. If you are carrying alcohol put it in the trunk.

Police have turned to crucifying all responsible social drinkers, it is no longer just about getting the true DWI. Until scientific changes are made it is best to do nothing.

*Always be polite with the cop. Never lie to a cop, just don't answer questions or volunteer information. No matter how "nice" you are to a cop or no matter how much you think "cooperating" will help you KNOW THiS: IT WILL NOT !!! You are just acting foolish. Be wise and protect yourself. This is America, your private business and how you spend your time and who with is your OWN business. The whole system from the moment they approach your car, to the skewed testing and flawed chemical tests are designed to convict you and make thousands upon thousands of dollars for the state. Don't be a fool. Don't play the game. Most importantly, if you have had too much to drink and you are intoxicated please do not drive. It is a nightmare worse than you can imagine regarding the stress, humiliation, inconvenience and forever being branded a criminal that can affect everything in your life to obtaining housing to employment.

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