Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Key to Understanding How Justice Happens

I have recently expanded my practice to Collin County and every time I go out there I am in shock and amazement of how wonderful an experience it is. First my observations: everyone from the bailiffs, DAs, court administrative staff and judges are so polite, pleasant, helpful and quite frankly many are beautiful/handsome (so much so that I have nicknamed Collin County "Hollywood"). This last observation seems superficial but it is factual and I think it actually proves my theory.... When I drive out there it is such a pleasant experience: all the new stores, new architecture, cleanliness, and variety of choices on everything. It has dawned on me that the general atmosphere in the air has the pregnant hope of the positivity of the US in the 1950s: a time when the "Leave it to Beaver" attitude was so pervasive. Hope is in the air about everything in Collin County from the amazing array of choices at the QT (never saw a fancier one right down to the whipped cream machine for your coffee) to the better selections of their department stores. Everyone seems to be smiling and optimistic. So what is happening ???? Well, the facts are: the economy is bursting at the seams, the population growth is exploding, and what the surveys are saying about Collin County being one of the best places to live and migrate to in the United States is true ! Hope, happiness, better quality of life.... No wonder that the DAs are so pleasant, the judges so charitable, forgiving and accommodating. I find myself in a super happy mood while in Collin County whether it's at court or shopping at Ross or getting a fancy latte at the QT. My observations (compounded upon years of trial experience and figuring out that happy people make the best jurors) have cemented my theory: "Where there is hope, there is charity. Where there is misery, there is no mercy." I sure hope Tarrant and Dallas counties start implementing what the Collin County municipalities are doing in tax incentives to attract businnesses and stimulate economic growth. When you have a great economy springing from every direction, one need not be depressed driving through the depressed and dilapidated city eyesores that lead to misery in many ways that everyone is subjected to from job loss to negativity. There is a reason why they say "Hope springs eternal." That is because hope makes the world a better place. Collin County is a recipe for bringing the rest of Texas back. Hope, happiness, beauty in all forms brings much more goodness to the world than misery. Now if we could only work on that for the betterment of all systems including:the judicial, law enforcement, economy, & education. I always walk away from unreasonable and difficult da(s) and judges wondering "what went wrong with that person" ? Now, I think perhaps the good ones are the exception to the rule. The problem is that misery is symptomatic on many levels. We owe it to eachother to do what we can on a societal level to bring back happiness for everyone. To do this we need smart and enterprising leaders to implement innovative change. We need to reduce big government and regulations not increase it as we have done. Collin County understands that enterprise is the solution. This is a very Ben Franklin way of thinking, but one's personal happiness for others must start with systematic societal good decisions. Kudos to Collin County. You guys are doing it all right....

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