Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Inspiring Judges

Want to take the time to relate inspiring thoughts on  the nobleness of 2 judges.

The first is Tarrant County District Court #4 Judge Mike Thomas. He played on the Baylor Bear football team years ago when many hotels did not allow blacks to stay in them. He was on the first Baylor football team that allowed blacks to play.  When they played the University of Arkansas they could not find a hotel in Fayetteville that would allow their black team member to stay so the whole team stayed in neighboring Ft. Smith,Arkansas because they refused to tolerate such inequality.  Tarrant County should know that Mike Thomas has a deep sense of fairness innately and has had it for many years of his life.

Dallas's delinquent court judge Joseph Miller understands that you can change a young person's life early on and prevent a life of serious crime if you get them the right help. In his court that addresses kids missing school he requires the parents to attend and becomes very emotionally upset when absentee fathers don't participate.  He passionately believes that if you can intervene in homes where the parents are not doing their jobs, you can save a young life from spiralling further downhill. Joseph Miller is fun person with a huge, big heart and I know he truly loves helping people and everything he does in his truancy court is out of a desire to change those young kids' lives for the better. It in turn,  he is creating a safer, healthier and more productive Dallas County.  I am proud to call him friend as well and miss the days of him hanging out with our Dallas lawyer group for Friday lunches ! Just seeing Joseph Miller makes me smile and we will have less violent criminals and young lives gone astray as long as he stays on the bench.

It is a wonderful thing when the right people get in positions of power. It makes the world a better place. These gentlemen aren't judges because they need the power, they are judges because the power allows them to give back in big ways. Abraham Lincoln once said "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."  Let us all give back with the power we have within us to better life for everyone around us.

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