Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Mimi Coffey 2012 Happy New Year

Mimi Coffey 2012 Memorable Moments (I couldn’t make this stuff up if I wanted to)

1.       Results: Great year and closed it by winning 6 out of the last 7 trials (blood, felony, accident, dwi-drugs to name a few facts).

2.       Professionally: asked to be a Regent to the NCDD (prestigious nationwide National College of DUI Defense), the first Texan who practices outside the Houston area.

3.       Children: Kiki got a perfect 4.0 this semester as a biology major at UT. Sparky made a 3.89 this semester as math major at Baylor University. Class ranks came out at the beginning of the year for BHS: Spencer was ranked 1/472 in his sophomore class. Mimi Coffey Jr. (a 6th grader) won the Tannahill spelling bee and has made straight As all year (She also made the Whiz Quiz team, runs  miles weekly with Running Bears, & made percussion and loves it. Her band teacher encouraged her voice talent so now she has a professional voice coach.)

4.       I was asked to put on a blindfold, turn off my cellphone and was shockingly proposed to on a billboard that made the news.  Tony & I will be getting married Sept. 7, 2013. After Texas Tech Dean’s list in the Architecture School & 8 years with Huckabee architects he is studying for his architecture license doing IDP hours & preparing for 7 exams (there are only 100,000 licensed architects in the country, most never get licensed).

5.       Discovered my alltime favorite tv show “Impractical Jokers.” Yup, this trial lawyer comes home to tivo’d ridiculousness to unwind. Discovered I was a good practical jokesters myself (ask the office about the birthday fart machine …)

6.       Went to South Carolina and got hosted royalty style, not only did I go to a Gamecock game on the 50 yard line but got to tour the locker room and party ESPN style in Scott Joye’s traincar afterwards.

7.       The battle with the Longhorns continues (my neighbor’s)…. the most memorable was the 8 Longhorns who shit everywhere for 3 days during Christmas on my front lawn. Never will I consider the phrase “shit happens” the same. A true safety risk but funny. It’s all good. It’s my poor neighbor that gets to clean up the shit.

8.       My maintenance guy kindly asked if we would like to have some mulch as a Christmas gift. We now have ten 18 wheeler loads dumped all around my property (mulch anyone ?). My mom just can’t say no… there are literally mulch mountains as you drive in my gate… Thank you Scott, it is good for the soil.

9.       Tony dressed up as turkey for the Thanksgiving holidays and kept us all in stitches. Ever played a game of pickup basketball with a turkey ?  He made the news high fiving the Ft. Worth Turkey trotters this year.  Pure greatness. I can’t think about it without my belly shaking with laughter..

10.   Found out I could survive 18 college/high school kids in one house at Padre Island and NO one get arrested. Pretty proud of that ;)  Fun for all….

Happy New Year everyone.  May your 2013 be filled with success, laughter and much happiness with friends , family and good health.         –Mimi Coffey, Sr.

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